About District IV

The Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania (GCFP) in which District IV is a part of conducts many activities, programs and projects to promote interest in horticulture, floral design, civic planting and conservation throughout communities in Pennsylvania.

In response to an invitation from the President of the PA Horticulture Society, representatives from garden clubs met to form the Pennsylvania Federation of Garden Clubs on 25 November 1929 (now known as GCFP). In 1954 under advisement of the National Council (now National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC)), the state was divided into eight Districts, each having a District Director. Thus District IV was formed. In 1996, the first PA Environmental Studies School (Course I) was held by District IV’s Penn-Cumberland Garden Club. In 1999 District VII voted to split three ways forming District XI and X in May and District I voted to split in November creating District XI. At the March 2001 State Board meeting eleven districts were represented.

Currently, District IV consists of 11 garden clubs and 1 affiliate club. We meet four times per year: September is our in-person annual meeting, January via Zoom, April is the semi-annual in-person meeting and in June via Zoom. Current membership totals 700 active members.